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Dear Guest,

It is that exciting time again when we are all geared up for the 5G Summit & User Congress, joined by our prestigious partners and customers. The two-day event is scheduled for November 8th and 9th, 2022, to be held in Milan, Italy. The theme is "Inspire the Digital Transformation", where ZTE will explore innovative transformation seen through 5G and beyond.

During the event, on Day 1, you will hear insights from GSMA, 3GPP, Intel, CCS Insight, GlobalData and top tier operators who will share their industry development viewpoints, latest technology innovations which are inspiring the digital transformation that we are currently experiencing.

On Day 2, we will be diving deeper into our newest innovations and solutions. We will have the opportunity to see our fellow operators and ZTE experts showcase the latest technologies in our field alongside successful cases.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Italy. Join the partners that are inspiring the new era of digital transformation and us.

Xu Ziyang
ZTE Corporation
Why Attend
5G Summit 2022?
Event Vision
Key Theme:Inspire the Digital Transformation
5G Summit & User Congress is the largest international annual forum, solely hosted and exhibited by ZTE. Based on the latest industry developments, prestigious guests and industrial thought leaders from global operators, government and it's representative, consulting institutions, industry partners, and pioneering organizations of the ICT industry gather together exchanging industrial insights and innovations.
Key Stats
300+ industry leaders and experts.
Industry-leading insights from GSMA, 3GPP, Intel, GlobalData,CCS Insight, WindTre, China Telecom, etc.
Discover revolutionary solutions, inspiring the digital transformation. Exhibition of latest solutions: future network,network enhancement, future city and coming home model, newgeneration green solutions.
5G Real-world use cases & 5G application showcase.
Beyond 5G White Paper release.
Guide to the Event
Tech for Humanitarian - Health Earth
Tech for Humanitarian - Health Life
5G Summit
Theme:Opening Speech
Xiao Ming  |  SVP, ZTE
Theme:The Future Network
Lara Dewar  |  CMO, GSMA
Theme:Accelerating Digital Transformation
Robert Prince  |  GM of Intel NCS EMEA, Intel
Theme:A 5G Enabled Transformation
Mattia Fantinati  |  President, Internet Governance Forum Italia
Theme:The Future is Here
Sergio Parolari  |  Vice Chairman, 3GPP RAN2
Theme:5G E2E Challenges and Solutions
De la Gardette Emmanuel  |  Expert of CTO Group, ZTE
Theme:Build 5G for Economical Growth
Bi Qi  |  Chief Expert of China Telecom & CTO of China Telecom Research Institute
Theme:Panel : The 5G Ecosystem and Development
Rico Chemnitz  |  Senior Head of Core Network & Infrastructure, Hutchison Drei Austria
Zina Jarrahi Cinker  |  Director General, MATTER
José Pablo Ruiz Jiménez  |  Head of ZTE Skill Center, Orange Group
Fulvio Margherita  |  Head of Engineering Radio Network, WindTre
Antonio Jose Neto Relvas  |  Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, ZTE
Theme:Afternoon Opening Speech
John Hoffman  |  CEO, GSMA Ltd.
Theme:Real 5G Network Case
Benoit Hannssen  |  CEO, WindTre
Judit Kübler-Andrasi  |  CEO, CETIN Hungary
George Held  |  Chief of Staff to VEON CEO
Mario Paier  |  Head of Strategy & Technology, Hutchison Drei Austria
Theme:Expectations Fulfilled
Shaun Collins  |  Chairman, CCS Insight
Theme:5G: The Path Forward
Jeremiah Caron  |  SVP, Global Head of Research & Analysis, GlobalData
Theme:B5G White Paper Release
Xiang Jiying  |  Chief Scientist, ZTE
Bai Gang  |  Vice President, ZTE
Peter N.Jarich  |  Head of GSMA Intelligence
Carlo Melis  |  CTO, WindTre
Theme:Successful 5G Use Cases
An Wei  |  Director CTO Group, ZTE
Theme:The Values of 5G Private Network
Theme:Fiber & 5G:A Convergence Story
Vincent Garnier  |  Director General, FTTH COUNCIL EUROPE
Theme:How Everything Works Together - Ultimate Connectivity
Hans Neff  |  Senior Director of CTO Group, ZTE
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Stresa, Italy 2022
Location:Regina Palace Hotel,Near Milan, Italy
Time:08-09, November 2022